Public policies

Whether in France or in emerging countries, the public sector is on the right curve of innovation! Digitalisation, lean back-offices and administrative simplifications are key levers of success to implement ambitious and efficient public policies. Therefore it answers key social issues like youth integration, inclusive economic growth, health system modernisation, social security for all, finances and budget reforms and civil society involvement.

In France, we help central & local administrations as well as public entities to implement innovative public policies.

In emerging countries, we work on programs funded by multilateral and bilateral development agencies in order to:

  1. Bolster capacities (trainings, studies, international benchmarking)
  2. Analyse and overhaul institutional frameworks, draft legislative/ regulatory texts
  3. Formalise reports in various sectors/ industries in order to enlighten decision makers
  4. Create or strengthen administrative structures to implement new public policies
  5. Adapt organisations, processes and IT systems
  6. Reinforce human resources in an administrative environment