Growth Strategy and due diligence

Globalization provides unparalleled business opportunities, especially in emerging countries like those in Africa.

How do you maximize your potential in the face of changing emerging markets, specific consumer profiles, and the rising regional competitors? How do you manage your local network and control multiple market-based, macroeconomic, and competitive factors like the lack of robust infrastructures, regulation complexities or the social specificities? How do you adapt your products and services while maintaining your reputation?

Consultland partners with you to adapt your growth strategy to local opportunities and constrains, and define a sustainable growth strategy. Four main steps structure our approach:

  1. Perform strategic and corporate social responsibility due diligence
  2. Adapt your business model to local/ regional specificities
  3. Establish the right partnerships, organisation, governance, processes and resources for longer-term competitive advantage
  4. Develop a specific social model that foster local employees’ engagement (ambition, accountability, inspiration, pride, and support levers) and long term value creation